What Every Human Should Know

It is completely unrealistic to believe we are entitled to or can create a problem free life. Jesus wasn't kidding when he said, "In this world you will have trouble." In spite of this reality, we build a "house of cards" life expecting it to survive hurricane winds. We shore up our house with "a good education" or "a job with benefits" or "a diversified financial plan" only to see our house crash when the winds of illness or a failing economy or sudden death start blowing. How can we possibly enjoy life when its problems cannot be avoided or predicted? Fortunately, God has provided an answer to that question.

Over the next several weeks we will take a journey through Psalm 23. Within this chapter are truths that every human should know and apply to their life. The truths will not allow us to predict, schedule or even avoid life's hurricane winds, but they will allow us to have a life that can withstand the storm...and even smile while the winds howl. 

What Every Human Should Know will be one of the most practical walks through scripture you can take. The life storms covered in this amazing chapter from God's Word include: How to Live Without Worry, How to Relax, How to Dump Emotional Baggage, How to Make a Confident Decision, How to Walk When You Want to Run, How to Deal with a Toxic Person, and How to Face the Future Fearlessly. Don't take this journey alone. Maybe you know someone who is getting blown around by life. Invite them to walk through God's Word with you. The series will begin on February 8.