What Does a Worship Pastor Do?

After yesterday's announcement of Jason Cox's arrival as Grace's new worship pastor, a few people approached me and asked, "What exactly does a worship pastor do?" After all, Jason will be Grace's first worship pastor. Grace has never had a minister to fill a position with this title. So, let me share with you what Jason will be doing at Grace. 

The title "Worship Pastor" gives some strong clues to what Jason's calling at Grace will look like. Let's look at the words in reverse order. First, Jason will be a pastor. He will assist in the spiritual development and accountability of musical and non-musical individuals. In other words, he will will be engaged in discipleship, hospital visitation, and the overall shepherding of people who attend GBC. We have asked him to develop healthy relationships with all age groups and with those involved in the worship ministry and those not currently involved. Second, Jason will oversee all aspects of the worship services. Hence, his title is worship pastor. As the "worship" pastor he will be heavily engaged in recruiting, training, and developing vocalists, instrumentalists, and audio/video technicians as they serve God and his people each Sunday during our worship services. Jason will work alongside the choir director for all the activities involved in the first service (We are not changing any part of the format in the first service.) and he will be leading with the band and praise team in the second service. 

In essence, Grace's Worship Pastor is a "pastor" who knows how to lead people in music and audio/video technologies. I hope this helps clarify a little bit more of what Jason will doing at Grace. Please keep him and his family in your prayers as they make their move from New Mexico.