What Are We Willing To Do...?

On Sunday I will finish up a sermon series entitled "What Are We Willing To Do...?" Each week we've been challenged to think about what we are willing to do in 2015 that maybe we weren't doing very well (or even at all) in 2014. The first challenge centered on "What are we willing to do...to avoid failure?" The second one focused on "What are we willing to do...to maintain a healthy faith family?" On Sunday, the third and final sermon in the series will ask "What are we willing to do...to move into an unknown future?" 

As I've worked my way through this series one predominant thought has risen to my mind: "What God wants and what we are willing to do don't alway match up." Isn't it ironic how that works? Often eople tell me (and I even think it myself), "If I just knew for sure what God wanted me to do, I would do it." Yet, as we have moved through this series it is clear...what God wants us to do is not a mystery.

  1. God wants us to live for Him first and be fruitful for Him where he has planted us. If we commit ourselves to this pursuit, we will avoid the failure of being useless.
  2. God wants us to love and serve one another. If we chase this behavior, people will know that we are following Christ and we will experience more joy. 
  3. God wants us to trust Him even when we don't know what the future holds. He has more He wants to accomplish through us even if the future looks puzzling.  

I know these broad statements are easy to agree with and difficult to apply. But we must apply them. God will never make us do what we are not willing to do. It is God's law He has imposed upon himself: He does not force us to be useful nor does He make us love others. And for sure, He will never make us trust Him. However, isn't it sobering to think...it all rides on "What are we willing to do...?"