Updating the Auditorium


A couple of weeks ago one of our elders was attending a wedding at another church in Northeast OH. While there, he took these pictures. Please give special attention to the ceiling and lighting. 

Recently I have shared with you that the ceiling and the lighting in the worship auditorium will be updated in February. These pictures are similar to what our auditorium ceiling and lighting will look like after the upgrades are completed. Our ceiling will be painted black (just like in these pictures). The wooden cross beams in our auditorium will not be painted. They will remain their same color. The only part of the ceiling that is being painted is the white part of the ceiling. 

Currently, our light fixtures shine both upward toward the ceiling and downward toward the floor. The new lights will only shine to the floor (again, like these pictures show). Also, our new lights will include new track lighting over the choir (so they will be able to see their music) and a dimmer switch that will allow the lights to be dimmed to various levels for different activities. 

These changes will allow our building to have a more modern appearance along with providing the choir with the much needed lighting it has been requesting. The capability to dim or brighten the house lights will allow us to influence the mood of the room depending on the activity that is taking place. Due to our great God and the generosity of His people, these upgrades will be completely paid for at their completion.

Thank you Lord for meeting our needs. We ask that these upgrades be tools we can use to make disciples of Christ at Grace!