The Pastor of Spiritual Development

As you know, Pastor Tom Riley is resigning from his position here at Grace. We love Tom and Mari-Ellen. They will be missed and we are praying for them as God starts a new chapter in their lives. Fortunately, they will be with us several more weeks so we get ample opportunity to show our appreciation to them.

As a result of his departure, the elders at Grace have created a new position to meet the changing needs of our growing church family. The new position is called the Pastor of Spiritual Development. This pastor will have a dual role of overseeing adult discipleship and youth ministry for 2-4 years. At the right time, the dual role will end and the Pastor of Spiritual Development will be solely dedicated to adult discipleship and be a part of the teaching/preaching team. A new pastor will then be pursued to oversee youth ministry. If you would like to read the job description for this position, just click here

We made this job opening public two weeks ago. Since then, almost 90 individuals have submitted their resumes. These submission are coming from all over the United States (and even one from Kenya). Honestly, it has been a little overwhelming and humbling. We are getting ready to close the door for people to submit their if you know of someone, they need to act quickly. 

We have charged three individuals to filter through these resumes and begin to discern who God is calling to join our ministry at Grace. The individuals are Jeff Shirkman, Cheryl Balogh, and Cherry Duckett. Once the candidates have been narrowed down to the top 5 or 6, an interview process will begin. Ultimately, the potential candidate will have to be confirmed by the elders. 

Over the next few weeks, will you please pray for the individuals mentioned above, the elders, and our students involved in the youth ministry (it is a time of transition for them). Here are a few suggestions for prayer:

  • Pray the search team will have discernment and wisdom as they filter through the resumes
  • Pray the interviews would be guided by God's hand
  • Pray God will give the right candidate a clear calling to Grace to fulfill this specific position
  • Pray that our youth's hearts will remain open to God's plan and leading...pray they remain encouraged and excited