The Near Future & Beyond

If you have been at Grace lately I'm sure you have heard us say, "Our mission at Grace Bible Church is to love, follow and share Jesus Christ." Fulfilling this mission requires a facility that is safe, functional and inviting to those who come to hear the Word, sing to the Lord, and encourage one another. God has faithfully provided a debt free facility for all who currently worship at Grace Bible Church. This blessing was made possible through years of faithful people giving to the Lord at Grace. Many of you reading this were some of those people. Thank you for blessing us through your tithes and offerings!

As we look to the future and discern God’s call to make disciples for Jesus Christ, I see Grace having a facility that mobilizes and encourages people to live for the Lord. I see children in a safe environment where caring adults teach them early in life of a God who created them and is calling out to them. I see students and adults in small groups learning God’s Word, encouraging one another and discovering the skills and courage needed to be bold for Christ in our challenging world. I see them in rooms undistracted by stained ceiling tiles and free from musty odors. I see hundreds of people entering our parking lot each Sunday and then being able to exit that parking lot in an orderly manner free from the worry of an unorganized flow of traffic. I see thousands of people being able to read a word of encouragement from us as they drive past our church sign and joy being stirred in their hearts.  

To do these things Grace needs to raise $100,000 to improve our facility.

  1. Grace needs to repair our leaky roof. You may not be aware that we have a leaky roof; that is because we replace stained ceiling tiles to conceal the water damage. Roofers have told us that our flat roof can no longer be patched. It needs to be replaced.  
  2. Grace needs to seal and re-line the parking lot. Sealing the parking lot is a routine maintenance that preserves our parking lot from being damaged by the extreme weather conditions of northeast Ohio. Due to the traffic in our parking lot each week, we also need to re-line the parking area and create a flow of traffic for entering and exiting vehicles. Each month I hear of someone who has had a “close call” in the parking lot due to an unclear flow of traffic.
  3. Grace needs to make some much-needed improvements to the Children’s Ministry hall located on the north side of worship center. We need to create a main entrance so that children can be “dropped-off” and “picked up” in a more secure and family friendly environment.
  4. Grace needs a LED church sign that can be clearly read as people drive past our church. Our God has given us a message that is worthy of being shared every day. We can do this with a LED sign and speak to our community from our sign.

The special offering to meet these needs will be received on October 16. I know the amount needed is large and it may create a feeling of doubt, but this offering is reachable! Grace has over 200 people who have made a contribution this year. If 100 of those generous people gave $1000, we would reach the goal. Think of this, if all 200 gave $500, we would reach the needed goal and the vision of what could happen at Grace will happen.

I know this is a bold request, but it is for a great cause…making disciples for Jesus Christ. I am asking you to prayerfully consider making a bold, generous donation to help meet these needs on October 16. I have spoken to our elders, deacons, and pastoral staff. We have all agreed to make a bold, generous financial gift. Will you please join us?

You don’t have to wait until Oct. 16. If God is stirring in you, you can respond immediately. Just click here and the link will take you to our church website were you can make a safe and secure donation to meet these needs.

Once on the homepage, just click the tab “Online Giving.” Type in you donation, click on the “For” dropdown box and choose “Capital Improvement Fund.” Follow the on-screen instructions.

Thank you for prayerfully considering this opportunity.