The Invisible War

Why is life so hard? It is a simple question. Unfortunately, the answer is far from simple. Turn on your TV or open up your browser, you can find a politician right now promising their ideas for the future will make life a little easier. We all know it is not that simple. Universities declare the education they provide will make life easier (just listen to their commercials...or better yet take a young person to visit a college campus...I recently did this). Again, we know life being easy or hard has nothing to do with where one's diploma came from or their educational level. I bet any local financial advisor would advocate that better financial planning would make life easier, but that plan depends on the Dow or S&P (there's a picture of stability and ease). No, nothing can guarantee life being easy. So...we are back to our original question: Why is life so hard?

Nothing on earth is perfect. In fact, everything on this planet is broken. The weather is broken...governments are broken...the economy is broken...medical insurance plans are broken. Even relationships with the people we love are hard and many times just broken. Heck, even our bodies are broken. Nothing works perfectly. Only one thing on this planet is not broken; the truth of God's Word. And according to the Bible, all this brokenness has been caused by one thing...sin. God made the world perfect. When sin entered the world, it broke everything. Adam and Eve were removed from paradise and God told them life from that point on would be hard. He wasn't kidding. Sin has taken its toll on all of humanity.

In addition to this sin problem there is also a cosmic battle raging for your life. I call this the invisible war. Right now, there are forces at work to destroy your soul...and save it. The battle rages every day on three different battle lines:

  • First, there is a battle within. The battle we have with our sinful nature. It is our predisposition to make the wrong choice. Have you ever done things that you knew were self destructive? Have you known right from wrong and chose to do wrong anyway? Have you ever done things that were actually harmful to you and others knowing it was the damaging thing to do? and I make these choices all the time. There is a constant battle within with what the Bible calls our old or sinful nature. It is a struggle...everyday.
  • Second, there is the battle around us. Our world...our culture...everything going on around us that is trying to tear us down. Our culture is not trying to build us up or make us better people. No, it says we are worthless. We don't count. We don't matter unless we are number one or the smartest or absolutely gorgeous or the most athletic. The world is always telling us we don't measure up.
  • Third, we have an enemy who is actually battling against us: Satan. Yes, the devil is real. He's not equal to God. He is a created being and he rebelled against God. He hates God, anyone who turns to God, and anything that God said is good. He is not passive in his hatred. If you don't believe me, just look at the atrocities in our headlines...suicide bombers, sex trafficking, serial child molesters...and I could go on. Satan is behind all that evil. 

So, there is a war in our lives and that is why life is hard. I wish I could tell you there is a series of sermons that will make life easier. That sermon series doesn't exist. But, we are going to look into God's Word and discover how we can start winning more of our battles. If we can't make the battles go away, let's focus on winning them! Starting Sunday we will begin a new sermon series titled The Invisible War. Here are some of the topics that will be discussed: 

March 27 - Overcoming the urge to quit

April 3 - Winning my internal battles

April 10 - Set free from sin

Aprl 17 - Making hard changes

April 24 - Dealing with a hard life

May 1 - Remaining faithful in a faithless world

May 8 - When our world falls apart

May 15 - Never fight your battles undressed

In each one of these messages we will discover from God's Word one thing we can do to win more battles in our lives. I hope you will make plans to be encouraged by God's Word. It is the only thing not broken.