The Hazards of Being Human

It is tough being a human being. Truthfully, we are fragile, needy creatures (we are the only species whose young live with their parents for at least 18 years...and some parents aren't that lucky). We hate admitting just how delicate we are. We go to great lengths to convince ourselves we are not weak, and even greater lengths to hide those weaknesses from everyone else's sight. But no matter how hard we try, the cracks in our armor eventually get exposed. The best case scenario when this happens is that we only end up hurting ourselves, but more often than not we end up hurting a boat load of people around us. In other words, being human is hazardous work. 

I did a quick search. Do you know what the word "hazardous" means? says it means full of risk, perilous, dangerous, unsafe, chancy, uncertain and speculative. Wait a minute...that sounds like a Monday or Tuesday or any day of any week. I'm not just talking about physical safety (although that could be a concern in today's world). Primarily, I'm thinking of what goes on in my heart and mind. There are many days life feels perilous or chancy or unsafe. Especially when it comes to getting along with and trusting other people. Any of us who are mature enough to admit it know the best way to get hurt and hurt others (hopefully not intentionally) is to try to co-exist with other people.  Sin has made humans both fragile and fierce. We are easily wounded and we easily wound others. Yes...there are hazards to being human.

Over the next six weeks at Grace Bible Church we will turn to God's word to discover some of the hazards of being human, and more importantly, what we can do to avoid some of the risks. We will take a journey into the Old Testament looking at various people who found themselves in hazardous situations. Some of them handled it quite well...others failed miserably. Either way, their stories are recorded so we can learn from them.

God knows all about our frailty so let your guard down and receive help from Him. I hope you join us in this journey. Being human is hazardous, but it does not have to be disastrous.