Teaching Pastors in Kenya

As you may already know, I am leaving Sunday afternoon and flying to Kenya. Fifty pastors from three African countries will attend Ancient Promise’s Timothy Project in Nairobi, Kenya. The pastors attending this conference assume a large financial sacrifice to participate in the training. They leave behind their jobs and churches for a month without pay, they cover a portion of their tuition, room and board and all of their own travel. Each pastor returns to their job and churches with newly acquired skills in studying and interpreting scripture, better equipped to present the Word of God to their people.

I will be one of the speakers at this conference. I have been asked to take the pastors through the book of 2 Peter. I will train them to interpret this book using the rest of the Bible (in other words...I am training them to use Scripture to interpret Scripture). After a thorough study of the book, I will then show them how to develop sermon outlines using their notes obtained from the study. It is an honor to share with them some of the skills God has allowed me to learn and develop.  I will be gone for 19 days. Needless to say...I am excited to go but I am not looking forward to leaving. Just as these men will sacrifice time away from their families and their churches, I too will be making the same sacrifice. Thankfully, I am not going alone.

Cris Shell will be going with me and we will be joining four others who all live in California. Please pray for this team. Our days in Kenya will be long. Classes start in the morning (right after breakfast) and do not end until around 8 PM. 

If you would like more information about this ministry go to http://ancientpromise.com

I am planning to give updates here on the blog while I am away. I will be sharing God stories, observations, and hopefully pictures!