Strategic Plan Meetings F & A

It has been a great week of meetings with the members of Grace Bible Church. One hundred and fifteen (115) people attended the meetings. The purpose of this post is to communicate with you the most asked questions and facts that came from the meetings. You will find it all listed below:

Q: Are there other churches around us who have done this same process? Did they use the resources/consultant provided by The Malphurs Group?

A: Yes. Grace Church in Mentor, OH and Grace Brethren Church in Wooster, OH both used this process with The Malphurs Group. A national organiztion that went through this process is The Salvation Army. For a more extensive list of churches and faith-based organizations, please click here.

Q: Will The Malphurs Group challenge or attempt to change GBC's Belief Statement and/or encourage Pastor Cary to preach a watered-down Gospel?

A: No. The Malphurs Group's purpose is to help GBC discover it's blindspots in reaching the unchurched in our region.

Q: Will Ron Donnini (The Malphurs Group consultant working with us) attend our church services on the weekends that he will be at GBC?

A: Maybe. He will probably attend some Sunday services. Most of this is dependent upon his schedule. To read a brief bio of Ron click here

Q: Who is approaching individuals and asking them to be on the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT)?

A: GBC's elders are creating a list of potential people to approach and are open to individuals recommending someone. The elders would also consider any person who feels they would like to volunteer. They are currently praying over the list seeking to discern God's will. The SLT will be a cross-section of the GBC membership and will consist of 10-15 participants. The goal is to have the team created by December 1. Please pray for the elders as the formation of this team unfolds over the next several weeks.

Q: Can anyone attend SLT meetings?

A: Any church member can attend the SLT meetings. However, we ask that all non-SLT members attending the meeting not participate. Obviously, non-SLT participants can talk to the lead team members after the meeting to clarify and/or make suggestions for the entire SLT to consider. 

Q: Why do we need to do a strategic plan?

The elders are not suggesting this course of action because something is wrong. Any organization needs a plan to be successful at fulfilling its mission. GBC's mission is to make disciples for Jesus Christ. The elders desire to see GBC seek the Lord to discern His plan for us at this time. We want to be found successful in the eyes of the Lord. This cannot be accomplished without asking Him what it is He wants us to do to please Him.

Q: Will training be provided for those who are going to be on the Implementation Team?

The Implementation Team (IT) will consist of 25-40 people. They will be given the task of implementing the plan that will be discovered through the process. Those who are a part of the IT will recieve objectives, training, and be placed in their areas of passion to implement the plan. 

Q: Will all aspects of the church be evaluated and changed?

All aspects of GBC will be evaluated, but it is doubtful that all aspects will change. It is hard to specifically say what will change before the process of seeking and implementing a strategic plan has even begun. However, it is safe to say that some activities/ministries will either cease to exist or intentionally be improved. Also, it is safe to say that there may be some activities/ministries created in response to asking God what He wants us to do. 

Q: What can GBC do to prepare ourselves for this process?

To prepare for this season of seeking God's will there are two specific prayer requests the elders have for our church family: 1) Please pray for the elders to have discernment when asking individuals to serve on the SLT 2) Please ask the Lord what your part is in this season of seeking a vision for GBC. Ask Him if He wants you to submit your name to be consideried to serve on the SLT or the IT. Please let the elders know if you discern He is asking you to do this.