Strategic Leadership Team Meetings

The Strategic Leadership Team (SLT)will have its first meeting Friday evening and Saturday morning. The elders have been praying for these meetings and this process for quite some time. I'm sure many of you have been doing the same. Please don't stop. Remember the team in your prayers for the next 7 months...that is how long they will be engaged in this process of seeking God's will for GBC.

One of the greatest concerns the elders have about this process is making sure that you know our meetings are not secretive. I wanted to remind you that any person can attend the SLT meetings. The meeting on Friday night (January 29) starts at 6 PM and ends at 9 PM. The start time for Saturday morning is 8 AM and it will end around Noon. The meetings will start promptly and we ask that any person attending the meetings who is not on the SLT please not participate in discussions. You are welcome to observe and share your thoughts once the meeting is over.

To help in this effort of letting you know what is being discussed in the SLT meetings, we will be placing on the website after each meeting the agenda, presentations, and notes that came from the meeting. If you are not able to observe the meetings, please know that you can check the website and find all the information that was shared and discussed.

I am very excited to begin this process. I know that God will reveal Himself and His will to our church leadership and family. The thought of discovering how we can walk more closely with Him collectively energizes me and builds anticipation within my heart. God has a reason for Grace Bible Church. We are on the cusp of discovering it!