Spring Elective Descriptions: Part 1

Below you will find two of the Electives that are being offered in the Spring Semester (April 12-May 31). Both of these Electives will take place on Sunday mornings at 9 AM. Each Elective has 8 sessions.

Are you devoted to your church but still struggling to find passion in your journey with Christ? You love your family, work hard, make contributions to the community; but do you still feel like life is missing something? Are you restless in your spirit? If so, then The Magnificent Obsession, a study of the life of Abraham may be your next season of spiritual growth. Abraham was an ordianary guy who became an extraordinary person for one pivotal reason: he pursued God in a life of obedienat faith, not knowing where that decision would take him. 

The 8 lessons are taught by Anne Graham Lotz (daughter of Billy Graham) via DVD. After each video, Joan Shaffer will lead a discussion using the Bible and Anne's insights to encourage ladies to begin or enhance their lifelong pursuit of God...to know God as He truly is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Materials for this Elective cost $5. This is a LADIES ONLY Elective. 



Many Christians today live their lives, plan their schedules, and use their resources completely disconnected from what they say they believe. This spiritual disconnect is the cause of so much of the stress and problems in our lives. Foundations is a practical study of the truths of the Christian faith and how these truths are to be lived out...in your relationships, your character, and your work. Rather than just teaching doctrinal knowledge, this elective shows you how to apply Biblical truths and implement them in your everyday life. 

Foundations is an ongoing elective...that means it goes year round. But, each study is a stand alone topic. Dave Graves leads this elective. The topics discussed in the Spring Semester are the Doctrine of Jesus, the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, and the Doctrine of Creation. Foundations is for new believers and seasoned saints. It will challenge you to behave what you say you believe. The cost for participants' materials is $14.