Shades of Gray...The Actual Color of Gray

Recently, our worship center ceiling was painted. When the job was completed the painter pointed out to one of our elders that his crew had inadvertantly sprayed some black paint onto the worship center walls (this is affectionately called over-spray by painters). They were unable to remove the paint from the wall and the painter proposed that he paint our worship center walls at no cost to make it right. I truly appreciate the painter because the over-spray was not easy to see. It could have been weeks before anyone noticed. 

When the other elders and leadership were made aware of the situation, the idea was presented suggested that we use this as an opportunity to paint the worship center walls a new color. Options were presented, colors were chosen, and the painter was asked how much it would cost. The painter gave a significant discount (since it was the over-spray that created the situation in the first place). Below you will find the colors that will be used in the worship center:

The color is called Creek Bend. It will be used on the worship center walls.


The color is called Trail Print. It will be used on the outside stage walls.


The color is called Dark Cavern. It will be used on the center stage wall. 


We are very excited about this opportunity and are pleased that we are getting such a good discount (thanks to an honest painter!). The painting will take place the week of April 20. It should not interfere with any regularyly schedule activities that week.