Pray for the Students & Staff @MHS

I had lunch today with the principal from Manchester High School. I try to meet with him 3 or 4 times in a school year to remind him that I am praying for him, the staff, and students at MHS. I also want him to know that we here at Grace are available to help if needed through the school year. When I meet with him I ask him to bring a list of 10 prayer requests so that we can know how to pray for the staff and students. Below is the list that he gave me.

High School Prayer Requests 2015-16

  1. Safety for students and staff
  2. Students who are battling very serious illnesses
  3. Wisdom for those in leadership positions at the high school and school board
  4. Strength and patience for teachers as they teach young people
  5. Community support and partnership as the school seeks to provide a great education for the students
  6. Students to make positive decisions as they move into adulthood
  7. Strength and wisdom for new staff members and those in new positions as they adjust to new job responsibilities
  8. Protection for students and staff as they travel to athletic events, field trips, and club activities
  9. For all support staff - bus drivers, custodians, secretaries, and food service personnel
  10. For the school year to continue without major problems and for many positive happenings to occur

Please join me in praying for the staff and students of Manchester High School.