New Member Orientation...WOW!

Sunday it was announced Grace would be having a New Member's Orientation. It was also announced the orientation would be limited to 20 participants. I was not really expecting 20 people to participate, but I knew the event would not go well if more than 20 participated. The announcement was made and the sign up sheet was placed in the lobby.

I had a meeting Sunday afternoon and while I was at the church I thought, "I wonder how many people signed up for the New Member Orientation?"  I went to find the sign up sheet. It was no longer in the lobby. I thought that was strange. I then went to office and found it on Cathy's desk. She had removed it from the lobby because 20 people had already signed up. Praise the Lord! I am humbled and excited. 

If you did not get a chance to sign up, don't worry. We will have another orientation in April. This is a great problem!