Ministry Teams Update & Opportunities

The era of ministry teams has begun at Grace. Over the last couple of weeks two teams have been formed. The first was a Prayer Ministry Team. It is being led by Dennis Lambes and approximately 50 people have joined this team. This is AWESOME! To think that 50 people are now actively praying for Grace Bible Church, it's leadership, it's ministries, and the SLT as they seek God's plan for the future brings great encouragement to my heart. Anyone can be on this team and it is not too late to join. Just email Dennis and he will hook you up.

The second team that has been formed is the Communications Team (CT) and it is being led by Victor Colaiani. The CT will become the voice of Grace to enhance church communications both in-house and to the community. They will be using several venues to communicate God's truth and our love for each other (social media, videos, smart phones, announcements, and even old fashion paper handouts). This team is under construction with a total of 3-5 members. There are two spots open if interested. Just email Victor and he will catch you up to speed. And...don't be offended if he tells you the team is full. It is a fun ministry team and spots are filling fast. 

We are currently birthing two more teams: the Community Outreach Team (COT) and the Disciple Making Team (DMT). Let's talk about the COT first...

The COT will be led by Cheryl Balough and will consist of 3-5 people. The COT will become Grace's arms that reach out into our surrounding community. But before this team encourages us to start reaching, they will identify Grace's Jerusalem (our boundary of influence for Christ...Acts 1:8) and study the demographics and psychographics of that boundary. We need to know who God has asked us to invite to Christ and the best ways to invite them. Along with discovering our community, the COT will also tackle the task of discovering Grace's self-identity (how we view we see ourselves as missionaries, disciples, servants, ambassadors, evangelists, etc.). Once we know who we are and who we are inviting to Christ at Grace, we will begin reaching out to our community intentionally and prayerfully. If you would like to be a part of this team, please email Cheryl and let her explain to you her heart for our community.

The DMT will be led by Jeff Shirkman and will consist of 3-5 people. This team will develop a pathway for people to become disciples of Christ and evaluative tools to help us determine if disciples are being made at Grace (Matthew 28:19). Imagine someone entering Grace and then coming to know Jesus as their Savior. Now what? This team will answer that question. They will identify the best tools available to us and match that with the best skills we have so that a new believer can mature and grow at Grace. They will evaluate current ministries to determine what activities are currently working and discover which activities are falling short. If you would like to be a part of this team (think about it...intentionally making disciples at Grace) then please email Jeff. Let him explain his passion for making disciples of Jesus Christ to you.