Ladies with a Mission

Grace has many people who do many things for the Lord that no one knows about. It is some of those people I would like to tell you about in this post. Each Tuesday morning a group of ladies have a Bible study here at Grace, but these ladies are doing more than just studying God's Word...they are practicing what they learn. 

Recently, they started making blankets/bed rolls for the men who have entered New Destiny's rehab program. New Destiny is under the umbrella of the Barberton Rescue Mission. It is a voluntary rehabilitation program for men. The participants pay there on own expenses to participate, but many of them experience financial struggles due to their history of addiction and receive little help because they have strained so many relationships with family and friends. The ladies from the Bible study were made aware of some of the needs these men have; one of which, is a need of bedding for their bunks. 

Most people would simply collect some money and go buy some second hand sheets at the local thrift stores, but not these ladies. They saw a unique opportunity to encourage and love some men who are trying to turn their lives around. These ladies decided to collect money, buy material, and hand-make blankets.




I was not there the day they delivered their first batch of blankets, but I heard they were a huge hit! Some men clapped, others gave hugs, and a couple even shed tears. The ladies could have prayed for the men and sent them blankets. But instead, they went and personally gave them the blankets. They showed and shared the love of Christ in person. I've been told the ladies are not done. They have several more blankets to make and deliver. 


Keep up the good work ladies!