Kenya...Day 9

Day 9

Today was an exciting day for the students. They were allowed to preach or teach a lesson using the skills we have been teaching them. I know this hard to understand. We are used to Bible lessons and sermons that are supported with good Bible study skills, but here it is a new thing. It is common for a preacher/teacher in Kenya to simply grab a verse or phrase and run with it. They are not used to preaching/teaching using context or allowing Scripture to interpret Scripture. Most of the time a preacher/teacher in Kenya will simply have a topic they want to preach/teach about and search the Bible to find a verse to support their idea. Trust me, we are not immune from this approach in America. It is dangerous and makes it extremely easy to misinterpret the Word and preach/teach non-truth. It is amazing to see the students eyes be opened as they discover they have been preaching/teaching the Word of God incorrectly. I do believe most of them were doing this innocently. No one has ever taught them how to discover context and use the Bible to interpret the Bible.

So…today they were asked to use their newly attained skills to prepare a sermon from 2 Peter. They were excited and nervous. They want to so badly do a good job. It was great. We broke the class up into 3 groups and we gave each student 20 minutes to preach/teach their lesson. The group I worked with all preached/taught in Swahili. I had an interpreter. They did so good! Without a doubt, this will not be their best sermon/lesson, but it was a good start. They were so relieved to get it done and hung on every word of praise we could give them. One student was so nervous that he only preached for 5 minutes. Others seemed more comfortable with the process.

I can only imagine and pray for how the churches these pastors and teachers serve will change. Can you imagine being one of their church members? These preachers/teachers are learning how to really teach the Word of God. Their churches will change and grow. God’s Kingdom will move forward!