Kenya...Day 8

Day 8

Today was not as strenuous a day. We spent the morning reviewing the lessons and then I gave them an example of a sermon using the skills we have been teaching them. The students had the rest of the day to develop a sermon outline and presentation that they will share tomorrow. I am amazed at their eagerness to learn.

After class, I and some other team members took a long walk. Walking around this section of Nairobi is a sobering activity. The people are very friendly. In fact, if you give someone the chance, any Kenyan will talk with a “mzungu” (white person). We are quite popular in the neighborhood. Several children in the blocks around the school know Cris by his first name (some know me, but it seems everyone knows Cris).

This part of town is quite poor. Most people live in some type of apartment but there are several that live in shacks made from pieces of tin and wood. The main road is paved, but all the side roads are dirt. Every road is full of potholes. When riding in a car, everyone receives and African massage (all the bumps in the road will rattle and shake you). The air always smells like garbage. It does not matter if you are inside or outside. I’ve learned to just not take a deep breath. I only breath in what I need to stay conscious.

In the late afternoon, we went to the Nakaumatt (that is Kenya’s version of Target). It is a nice store with many American products and local products. One knows it is different because the security getting into the store is similar to airport security. I found a Kenyan blanket and bought it. We then went to the airport to pick a new team member from CA. I’m glad I bought a blanket, because the airline lost his luggage and he had no sleeping gear. I loaned him my blanket until his stuff can be found. It has been a good day in Kenya. Please keep us in your prayers. 

By the way, we were not able to purchase Bibles for the students. Please pray that work of God's church will not be hindered while resources are not available.