Kenya...Day 7

Day 7 

Today has been a precious and exhausting day. Forgive me if this post has no pictures and is short. No picture could capture what happened and due to my fatigue my words are not coming so easily.

The day started at 5 AM with singing and prayers. The participants in the training decided on there on to start the day at that time. Breakfast is at 7:30 and class does not start until 8:30…so they got up really early. I’m not exaggerating, they sang and prayed until 7 AM. Most of it was in Swahili, but occasionally I would hear a song or prayer in English. They were pleading for God to visit with us today as we studied His word. It was amazing to hear their hunger for God and His Word.

Class started with a student asking if he could share a word. This student is 56 years old, has been a pastor for over 30 years, and is respected by his peers. He shared that due to God speaking to him through this class, he was now ashamed of his years of ministry. He told everyone he had no idea that he had been interpreting God’s Word incorrectly. He had been convicted and wanted to confess his wrong and dedicate the rest of his years to rightly dividing God’s Word.

It is hard to put into words how his testimony set the tone for our day. The pastor and leaders here are hungry for God’s Word and they desire to teach it correctly, but no one has ever taught them. Besides that, their resources are very limited. I have not met a pastor here who has a Bible with cross-references or a concordance in it. Can you imagine how hard it would be to prepare a sermon or a lesson with not even the simplest resources? I know there are people who say, “All you need is a Bible.” I agree. But, a Bible with cross-references and a simple concordance would helpful.

I know God is honoring the desire of these pastors to feed their flocks and build up the church in Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. I am so glad that I can play a small part in what God is doing in their lives. Please continue to pray for these pastors and church leaders. Tomorrow one of our team members (a local Kenyan pastor) is going into town to see if he can find and purchase new Bibles for the participants in our training. He said a modern Bible here costs 1000 Kenyan Shillings ($10). Please pray he can find them. A new Bible will go a long way to encourage these African church leaders and build the Kingdom of God here.