Kenya...Day 6

Day 6

It is Monday and we are entering our second week of class. Over the weekend the pastors and students were allowed to go back to their villages/churches to conduct weekend services. We were a little concerned that some of them may not return. We were wrong…they all came back.


Most of those participating in the training are pastors. However, we do have some individuals who are not. Liliana is one such person. Liliana is from Kenya but she is a missionary in Cambodia. She is home on furlough speaking at supporting churches and working to find more churches who will support the ministry in Cambodia. Isn’t neat how God calls people from all the nations to be missionaries for Him?

Liliana oversees a children’s ministry in a large city. She works with the homeless and the underprivileged. She does not run an orphanage nor did she start a church. It is more like an around the year after school program. She helps the children by meeting some of their basic needs (meals, clothing, etc.) and by helping them with their schoolwork or even learning a skill to support themselves. While doing this she tells them of Christ and His love for them.  


I asked Liliana how we could pray for her. She said her greatest need right now is financial support. She asked me to pray for this need to be met. I was getting ready for her to ask me if I would consider financially helping her, but she did not. She only asked that I pray. Please join me in praying for Liliana and the children she ministers too.