Kenya...Day 5

Day 5

We woke up at 7 AM…our latest start to any day we have had. Cris and I were bunked up in an attachment to the main house. We had walls and a roof, but it was still an open air room. Due to the higher elevation, it got cool, but it was a great night of rest.

Pastor Paul drew us water and his wife warmed it for us and poured us each a bucket so that we could take a bath (that’s right…we had bucket baths). It had been two days since we were able to wash so a bucket bath was awesome! After breakfast (boiled eggs, noodles, and cabbage), we started our journey to church. It was a 30 minute drive back into a small town (I never caught it’s name).

Singing with the Kenyan people is a blast (although I didn’t really sing that much…they all sing in Swahili). One woman played a bongo drum and another man played an iron cymbal. No one sings in Kenya without dancing. Everyone dances. They are a joyful people…not afraid to express their joy and gratitude to God with movement. I did preach, but I think they were not very used to my style. Pastor Paul told me later that most preachers here yell…a lot. He said most sermons are a mile wide and about 2 inches deep. I think he was giving me a compliment. One thing I know for sure...the truth of Scripture can cross cultural barriers.

After church was over, we took our 2 hour drive back into Nairobi. Along the way we stopped at a Westernized restaurant. We had roasted chicken and chips (French fries). It was very good. Believe it or not, the best part of the restaurant was it’s very clean restroom. We all took advantage of that.

We are now in Nairobi. Classes  will start in morning. By the way…we have electricity right now. All plugs are being used to recharge computers and cell phones.