Kenya...Day 4

Day 4

Today has been different from all the others. Yesterday, we lost power (that happens frequently). When we woke up this morning there was still no power. When there is no power, there is no hot water. When there is no hot water, there is no shower (ughhhh).

We started class at 8:30 AM, but at noon 4 members of our team (Cris, Diann, Emerie, and myself) left to visit Pastor Paul’s village. It was a 2 hour drive out of Nairobi and it was beautiful. It is hard to explain, but the city is noisy and dirty. It is an assault of the senses, but villages are quiet, green, and full of fresh air. Pastor Paul has a tea and coffee farm (he also grows bananas, avocados, and corn) at the foot of Mount Kenya. The name of  the village is Kyangob (village of cows). Once we arrived at his place, he took us on a hike to a 30 foot water fall. It was impressive.

By the time we made it back to his home it was dark and time for dinner (mashed potatoes with beef stew and fruit). Pastor Paul’s home does not have running water or electricity. We sat and ate dinner by candlelight.

Pastor Paul has been in the ministry since 1996. He is an influential man in Kenya and in Tanzania. He currently oversees three churches in Kenya. His wife, Margaret, and their two children are lovely people. They all speak English so having a conversation with them was quite pleasant. I will be preaching at one of the churches he oversees tomorrow. It has been a good day.