Kenya...Day 3

Day 3

There are 27 pastors and missionaries here going through the training. They each have interesting stories. Let me share with you one of the individuals I have met.

His name is Pastor Fessahad (he lets me call him Pastor Fess…I am grateful). He pastors a 5000 member church, teaches church history at the seminary, and oversees preaching courses for all the pastors in the Assembly of God churches in Ethiopia. He is here to investigate the training materials by going through the class. He is a very intelligent, Godly man.

He has a wife and three children. Two of his children are currently attending college in South Korea. His other child is married and raising a family. He and I have struck up a friendship. I find him to be very gentle, intentional, and thoughtful person. He cares very much for the church in Ethiopia. He believes the leadership of the church has strayed from strong Biblical teaching and he is praying the material that is being taught will be brought to his country to help pastors return to Biblical preaching that is full of the truth and Spirit.

Pray for Pastor Fess. He is man of influence in his country and longs to see the church grow in Ethiopia. Pray that God will give him wisdom as he leads and teaches others who are the future pastors of Ethiopia.