Kenya...Day 2

Day 2

Let me tell you about some very important people. They are our translators. Their names are Daniel and Ezekiel. Whenever someone from the States is speaking, they are right beside them translating into Swahili. They are both excellent translators. When I get loud. They get loud. When I speak softly. They speak softly. They both imitate my tone and my expressions.

Both of them are pastors in Tanzania. Ezekiel is 35 years old (he is the tall one…he also leads us in singing praise) and Daniel is 38 years old. They are both married and both have 3 children. They have left their families and their churches to be translators for one month in Kenya. They have a love for God and his church that is rare to find. I am honored to be serving Christ with them.

Please pray for Daniel and Ezekiel. They are Godly men proclaiming Christ in their nation and on their continent. Pray that they will not grow weary in doing good.