Kenya...Day 15 - Our Last Day

Day 15

Today was our last day in Kenya. It was a day filled with good-byes. Saying good-bye in Africa is a formal event filled with tears, sadness, and gratitude. At the end of class, Cris and I were asked to stand so that class members could give us their farewell speech. It was opened up to the class and there were several who stood and shared. It was all very moving.

One God-moment happened today. Class was over. Cris and I were packing our things. Maggie came into our room and asked if she could speak with me. She is an accountant for the Harvest Bible College in Nairobi. Her father is an influential Christian leader in Kenya. She is 25 years old and not yet married (most girls by age 25 are married and have kids in Kenya). She began to share with me that she has been raised in a Christian home and she obviously believes in Christ. But, over the last two weeks she has been convicted about her relationship with Christ. She shared that even though she has always believed in Christ, she had never asked Him to forgive her for her personal sins and be her Savior. Within in minutes she was praying. It was precious to hear her ask Jesus to be her Lord. It was a great end to our time in Kenya.

We did have one last adventure getting out of Kenya. Our flight was an 11 PM departure. It was dark when we left for the airport.  Pastor Paul made sure that we left early enough to give us plenty of time. What he did not plan for was getting lost. That’s right…he got turned around and confused. We left at 8 PM and did not get to the airport until 10:05 PM. That left us less than 50 minutes to get our boarding passes, work our way through immigration, and get through security. Needless to say, we were nervous. Fortunately, God made a way. We made it. We were on the plane by 11 PM. It has been a great two weeks.