Kenya...Day 14

Day 14

Today was interesting. I’ll tell you up front…there is a reason no pictures are on this post. I’ll just let your imagination paint the picture. Let me explain.

The day started fine. Class went well. The students are still excited to learn and God is working in all of our lives. It all got interesting around 6 PM. The team was sitting in our common area just talking and relaxing when we started smelling a suspicious odor. The 3 ladies on our team share one room and attached to that room is their bathroom. As we began to investigate, we discovered the smell was coming from their living quarters. We opened their bedroom door to be overtaken by the smell of raw sewage.

We looked into their bathroom to discover the sewage was coming up the shower drain and spreading in all directions. It had seeped out of the bathroom and into their bedroom. In Africa, there is no linoleum. The floor covering is either concrete or  a colored layer of plastic (think of a tarp) laying on top of the concrete. Well…their living quarters had this thin layer of plastic. Sewage had seeped up underneath and was about half-way across the room. The smell was atrocious.

Immediately, we contacted the facilities manager and he called in some guys (I think they were plumbers) to fix the problem. Needless to say, the ladies were not going to stay in that room tonight. We had to move all their stuff to another room (up on the third floor) and they slept on mattresses. The real challenge was losing a bathroom. Kenyan culture does not allow white women and black men to use the bathroom.  Arrangements were made and one the men’s restroom was dedicated to the ladies until their bathroom could be repaired.

The plumbers (still not sure that they were really plumbers) worked on the problem. At 1 AM, the bathroom was finally repaired. The cost to have this work done…$30. Some of the best money we have spent while in Kenya.