Kenya...Day 13

Day 13

The Gospel has been altered on the continent of Africa. I am sure there are some here who preach/teach the Gospel in Spirit and truth. I’m certain some here are preaching/teaching with false motives to exploit the people. However, I believe most preachers/teachers in Africa are simply preaching/teaching what they know. They do not realize they are sharing heresies. The pastors I have met have sincere hearts, but they do not know what the Bible is saying. No one has taught them the truth and no one has shown them how to correctly interpret Scripture so that Jesus is exalted and people are drawn to Him.  The mainstream doctrine being preached in Africa is a prosperity gospel and a gospel that exalts the needs of man over the purposes of God.

Today, we spent a great deal of time teaching on entitlement and idolatry. We learned that what we feel entitled to have many times becomes our idol. This truth came to a head by late afternoon. The Spirit of God was moving and by 6 PM the class had turned into a time of prayer. Pastors and teachers were confessing their sins and repenting. They began recommitting themselves to living and preaching the true Gospel. They called upon God to make them servant leaders who boldly proclaim God’s truth.

The evening ended with a foot washing. Each teacher knelt and washed the feet of an African pastor. They were moved that a white person from America would assume such a humble position to show them God’s love and God’s call upon their life. It was a very moving and humbling experience.

After that incredible time with God, the team departed to go eat some pizza. That’s right, we ate pizza. Cris found a pizza parlor here in Nairobi. He learned earlier in the week that our translators (both from Tanzania) had never had pizza and he wanted them to have that experience (and we wanted pizza). It was great! They truly enjoyed it. It was a good end to a good day.

Cris and I only have two more days in Kenya. We depart from Nairobi on Wednesday evening (about 4 PM EST) and will land in Cleveland on Friday. We are looking forward to being with our families and you on Sunday.