Kenya...Day 10

Day 10

Two curriculums are being taught here in Kenya. The first is called Being Renewed and the other is called Written On Our Hearts. Robbie Harrington is teaching Being Renewed. The purpose of Being Renewed is personal spiritual revival. It is taught in the mornings. The students have homework each night that includes reading Scripture and answering questions. These lessons have created many discussions in class about personal holiness and what it means to walk closely with Jesus.

Written On Our Hearts has two parts to it. The first part, Jude, is being taught by Diann Bearns. I am teaching the other part, 2 Peter. Written On Our Hearts is a curriculum that teaches a person the skills to create Bible lessons or sermons using Scripture to interpret Scripture. It is a systematic study of one book of the Bible at a time. Obviously, due to time constraints, we are teaching to use the principles on two shorter books in the Bible.

Robbie and Diann have been coming to East Africa since 2009. They came over to minister to women. On one of their trips, their translator happened to be a pastor from Tanzania who held a prominent position in the leadership of the Assembly of God denomination. After translating for them, he came to them and asked them if they would teach their curriculum to church leaders. It’s a long story filled with God opening doors and bringing people together, but now God has opened the door for the curriculum to be taught in 300 Bible colleges and countless villages in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

I’ve been amazed at the humility of the church leaders we have been privileged to teach. They are so hungry for the Word. They openly confess and repent. They are broken over their misinterpretation of the Word and are committed to rightly dividing God’s Word. The doors are open in East Africa. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Pray for the Lord of the harvest so there will be more workers.