Keeping You Informed

I don't really like surprises. You know...the kind that throw you for a loop. Since I don't like being the last person to know, I'm assuming you don't like it either. It is in that spirit that I want to remind you of some changes that will take place in the near future. If you've been around Grace lately, chances are you have already heard what I'm about to share, but just in case, here is what is getting ready to take place.

  • Grace's new worship pastor, Jason Cox, will begin leading worship on Sunday, February 15 in both services.
  • The format of the 9 AM worship service is not changing. However, the choir is taking a two week break while Pastor Jason establishes himself at Grace. Choir practice will start back on February 25 and the choir will be participating in the 9 AM worship service on March 1.
  • The format of the 10:45 worship service is still under development. The choir will not be leading in that service. Songs, videos and other worship activities included in this service will be different from those used in the 9 AM service. 
  • The week of March 1 the worship center ceiling will be painted and new lighting will be installed. The plan is for the the work to begin on March 1 after our morning worship services have ended and for it to all be completed by Saturday, March 7. For the work to be done, several pews will have to be moved. All pews will be moved back to their original positions except for the ones along the wall in the back of the worship center. These pews will be moved and not returned.
  • Choir seating in the worship center will have new tracks lights installed overhead the week of March 1. 
  • The stage in the worship center will be de-cluttered and rearranged. Some of this may happen before March 1. 
  • On March 1, Pastor Jason is hosting a Worship Team All Ministry Meeting at 5:30 in the gym. If you sing in the choir or the praise team, play an instrument, or serve as an audio/video technician; this ministry event is for you. It is also a good time for anyone interested in being a part of the worship ministry team to come hear Pastor Jason's heart and vision for Worship Ministry at Grace. However, you must RSVP to participate in this event. Just call the church office and speak with Pastor Jason. 

Well...that's it; but that's enough! I know there many people who enjoy the excitement of change. I also know there are many who dread change. Whichever boat you are in, I pray the next few weeks at Grace will prove to you that God is in charge and that you know you have elders and pastors who love and care for you.