Join a Ministry Team / Join an Elective or Life Group

Ministry Teams Update

Over the last two months the elders of Grace, along with the members of the SLT (Strategic Leadership Team), have been encouraging people to join a ministry team. Four teams have been formed. Let me remind you of what they are...

  • The Prayer Ministry Team - The team is led by Dennis Lambes. Over 80 people have joined this team. Each week they receive specific prayer requests concerning the direction and vision of Grace Bible Church. They are encouraged to participate in prayer activities/events. Anyone can join this team just email Dennis
  • The Communications Team - The team is led by Victor Coliainni. This team is already at work. We would like for it to have 3-5 members. Currently, it has 3. If you are interested in helping our church members and community hear about the mission and activities at Grace through public announcements, social media, emails, videos, texts, etc.,...then you need to email Vic. Two spots are open on this team. 
  • The Disciple Making Team - The team is led by Jeff Shirkman. This team is almost full--only one spot left. The Disciple Making Team will focus on developing a process to make disciples at Grace. If you enjoy helping others reach their full potential in Christ, this team is for you. Contact Jeff
  • The Community Outreach Team - The team is led by Cheryl Balogh. This team is full. 

Along with these four teams, another ministry team has been developed. It is the Missions Team; led by Bob and Joan Shaffer. The Missions Team has been asked to oversee Grace's efforts to support missions and partner with missionaries both locally and abroad. Currently, GBC financially supports around 25 missionaries. The Missions Team will oversee these partnerships, seek to find ways for Grace to partner with these missionaries, and evaluate where the greatest needs are so that GBC can provide prayer and support. It is an exciting and sobering task. The team is full. Please pray for the Missions Team as they begin their labor of love in encouraging others to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Electives and Life Groups

As you know, the Winter Semester of Life Groups and Electives has ended. The Spring Semester begins on April 3. Now is the time to join an Elective or Life Group. To register, please visit Grace Cafe (located in the gym). There you will find all the Electives and Life Groups that are being offered. The Spring Semester is 8 weeks long (April 3 - May 22). 

Electives are Bible studies that focus on a particular topic or a book of the Bible. Life Groups are small groups that meet to discuss the passage that was preached the previous Sunday. If you would like to see all the Electives being offered just click here. If you think you would rather investigate a Life Group, click here

I talked with someone today. They shared with me they were not feeling fulfilled in their walk with Christ. The individual with tears in their eyes said, "I read my Bible. I pray. I come to church. Why am I not growing? Why do feel as though I'm not doing life right?" I asked them if they had ever attended an Elective or Life Group. They proceeded to tell me they had thought about...even desired to do it, but for some reason just never got around to it. The individual finally concluded by saying, "I guess I'm just lazy."

I don't know if this person is lazy or not (my gut says they are not...I think claiming "lazy" had become their excuse that somehow made them feel better. Apparently, the excuse had lost its effectiveness). I looked at the person and said, "God never intended for any of us to grow alone." Whenever the Bible speaks of spiritual growth it either says to the reader (or assumes the reader already knows) that growth happens in the context of brothers and sisters in Christ doing it together. Tell me, which one of the disciples followed Jesus by himself? Which one of the missionary journeys did Paul take alone? What church was planted in the New Testament that only had one person? GROWTH ALWAYS HAPPENS IN THE CONTEXT OF COMMUNITY. That is why we have Electives and Life Groups. It is where we grow. If we are stuck in a rut...if we want to experience something new with Christ...then we can't keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome. Try joining an Elective or a Life Group. You'll be glad you did.