Jesus & Small Groups

Disciples of Christ are made in small groups. They are not mass produced. Jesus is the one who set that example. To make disciples, he chose 12 men who would be his closest companions. He taught them not only through lessons but by sharing life with them. Disciples are still made in that same fashion today. It happens when people share life with each other in a small group setting. 

At Grace we have two different ways for people to be a part of a small group. We call them Life Groups and Electives. Both are small groups but their formats and methods are different.

Life Groups meet each week in a person's home.  This type of small group discuss the week's sermon by reading the Bible verses used in the message, discussing the truth of those verses, and sharing how God's Word is applied to real life situations. The goal of this method of small group is to be known and to give and recieve encouragement each week. Life Groups give priority to building healthy Christian friendships while discussing God's Word and how it applies to life. 

Electives meet each week on Sundays at Grace's campus. Electives are short term Bible studies covering various topics. The goal of this method of small group is to be a student of God's Word learning what it has to say about the various issues we face in life. Electives give priority to learning God's Word with other people. 

I am praying that in the near future at least 60% of everyone who attends Grace will be involved in either an elective or a Life Group. Right now only about 30% of our church family attends a small group. A new semester of electives and Life Groups will begin on April 12. Over the next several days I will be sharing with you the topics and Life Groups that will begin on April 12. Please consider joining a small group!