Introducing...Ministry Teams!

We had our first Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) meeting this past weekend. Hopefully, you will take the opportunity to look at the presentations that were shared and the notes that were taken. You can see them by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page where you will find several links.

Many interesting things were discussed. I encourage you to give special attention to the link titled "Church Ministry Analysis Slides." This presentation, and the statistics and numbers shared in it, are specific to GBC. It will give you a quick snapshot of where we are as a church. 

One of the observations that came from the SLT meeting was the need for some new ministry teams here at Grace. Over the next 6 months several ministry teams will be created, but the first two may be the most important. 

We are forming a Prayer Ministry Team (PMT). Nothing can be accomplished of lasting value without prayer. The leader of our PMT is Dennis Lambes ( Please contact him and let him know you want to be on the team. Anyone can be on the PMT. In fact, there is no limit to the number of participants. PMT members will be asked to pray for the SLT while it is meeting, for the lead pastor, other pastors, staff and SLT members. The PMT will pray for the various development of other ministry teams and their implementation. And of course, the PMT will pray for our Grace family as we all embrace and become involved in the process of seeking God and doing His will. PMT members will get special updates and prayer requests. Please consider joining this team. Be on the lookout for prayer opportunities...they are on the way.

The second team we are forming is called the Communications Team (CT). Without communication, there is confusion. The CT will consists of 3-5 individuals who are skilled (or willing to learn) in communication techniques. The CT leader is Victor Colaianni ( The CT will draft a core values statement, decide how it will be best communicated to GBC, regularlly remind the pastor to communicate the mission and vision, investigate and evaluate how Grace currently communicates, and a host of other things. They will explore how GBC might use blogs, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, flickr, etc. They will work to discover how GBC might best communicate with people outside of the church and design a strategy to invite them to Grace. In many ways the CT team will become the voice of what God has called us to do. Please pray about joining this team. Don't hesitate to contact Victor if you are interested or if you just want more information.