In Transit to Nairobi

We are on our way! After flying for 14 hours...we arrived in Dubai. It was 7 PM and 110 degrees. Everything was warm. Fortunately, our hotel rooms were air conditioned. We had our first snaff foo. Our hotel reservations got mixed up. So...I was in one hotel and Cris was in another. We had to seperate at the airport, but fortunately we were able to find each other...our hotels shared the same pool. We did not get in the pool...but it did look inviting. Because we were in seperate hotels, we had to meet each other at the gate in the airport. I got there was a nervous 30 minutes until I finally saw Cris walk up. 

Dubai is a very large, wealthy city. The hotel and airport are full of jewelry stores and other fancy stuff. The cars driving around town were quite exotic (Lotus, Jaguar, and Ferarri...I think the average person drives Toyota and Lexus...they are everywhere). 

I'm writing this as we wait to board our final flight to Nairobi. It is a 5 hour flight...short compared to what we have already done. One thing I have learned about Cris...he doesn't meet any strangers. He talks to everyone. Right now he is talking to a couple that are from CA. He is eventually asked why he is going to Kenya and he tells them he is on a mission trip. That bit of information then leads to us being able to talk about the Lord...sometimes a little and sometimes a little more.

Thank you for praying for us. I will write more posts as long as I can get on the internet.