Hello from Belize...not Yet!

You may have heard by now, but our Belize Mission Team did not get to leave as scheduled today. I could explain what happened, but it would bore you. Ultimately, we must trust the Lord with the timing of things...even if we don't understand or disagree with people who have authority to make decisions that change our plans. In spite of this disappointing circumstance, some really good things happened today. 

When our team learned we were not going to get to go Belize today, I was preparing for the worst. I thought there would be tears, anger, frustration, griping and complaining. I can proudly report...that was not the response of our team. Yes, people were disappointed, but attitudes remained positive. It was refreshing to see these students respond so positively when they were not allowed to keep their plans or get what they wanted. We took a long walk down the terminal together waiting to see what God had in store next. 

We were able to find hotel rooms within walking distance (you would not believe the logistical challenge of moving 23 people without any cars) thanks to Sharon, the United Supervisor who had the difficult duty of telling us we could not board our plane. She was very professional and very encouraging. She got us discounts at the hotel and found 23 empty seats on a plane going to Belize tomorrow and waived all the fees to change the tickets.

The hotel could not give us rooms until mid morning and we had all our luggage with no place to put it. The manager at the hotel provided a large conference room that we could crash in until rooms were available...at no charge. When we entered the conference room, I prepared myself for the griping that I'm sure we all wanted to express, but instead our students bowed their heads and prayed. It was awesome hearing these youth call upon God to open the doors for us to all get to Belize.

The leaders circled up and following Pastor Tom's calm demeanor devised a plan for the group to go to an Indians game (they won...beating the Tigers!). We are now back at our hotel getting ready to crash for the evening. Tomorrow at 3:30 AM we will rise and walk back to airport. We are counting on God to open doors and we expect to be in Belize tomorrow before lunch time. 

Please keep us in your prayers. I will try to write as often as I can while in Belize. I'm not yet sure how available internet service will be. But know this, the students from Grace Bible Church are representing Christ and our church family with smiles, good attidudes, and dependence upon Christ as we pursue our mission trip to Belize.