Hello from Belize...We are really here!

We finally made it to Belize. We returned to the airport on Thursday morning and experienced no problems boarding our plane. A huge thanks to Cathy, all the parents, and my wife (and anyone else who made getting all the paperwork signed, notorized, and delivered to us in Cleveland). We would not be in Belize without the sacrifices you made.

There is one word to describe our first two days in Belize...RAIN! It rained for 17 hours. We played in it, worked in it, worshipped in it, walked in it, ran in it, slept in it, and ate in it. Not one complaint from our team...even the Thirst Missions employees have been impressed by our team. 

I'm sorry I don't have pictures. Internet has been spotty and slow. Today is the first time I've been able to access it since our arrival to Belize, but I wish I could show you how much our team accomplished today. I'll try to explain. At 9 AM a third of our team began digging a 36X15 trench. It was 18 inches wide and about 18 inches deep. It is the foundation for a room being added to an existing church building. One-third of the team started cutting and tying re-bar and the other third decorated the church for VBS. At lunch, the re-bar was ready, the trench was dug, and the church was decorated (did I mention it was raining?) We ate lunch. After lunch, half of our team started mixing and pouring concrete and the other half walked through the village to invite people to VBS. Thankfully, we finally got a break from the rain.

By 6 PM, all the concrete had been mixed and poured and VBS was over (30 children from the village came). We ate dinner (the food has been great!) and then returned for the church for a game night with children from the village. At 9 PM, our team started taking showers (there are 4 showers for all 23 of us...so it takes a while). It is now 10:15 PM...it is getting pretty quite around here. The team is tired. Tomorrow we will mix and pour the floor, have VBS, and host a movie night in the park where the  gospel will be shared.

Please keep us in your prayers. I'll try to get some pictures up...but no promises.