Grace Bible Church's SLT

In October of this year the elders held a series of meetings describing the process of developing a long range strategic plan (a fancy way of answering the question What is God calling GBC to do over the next several months and years?). The meetings were well attended (over 100 people). It was explained in the meetings that the process involved creating a Strategic Leadership Team (a team of 10-15 people who would commit themsleves to the Lord and to the process of seeking His face). We now have this team in place and I wanted to share with you who they are:

     Jeff Shirkman       Jason Cox       Gwen Lenart       Cindi Mathias       Cheryl Balough

     Victor Colaianni        Mark Boyd      Warren Morrow   Michell Flower      Sam Catalona

     Scott Fausneacht                       Dennis Lambes                              Cary Duckett

These individuals have made a commitment to the Lord, to each other, and to you to seek God and discover His will for Grace Bible Church. Their first task will be to fill out some online surveys that will take place this month. Please pray for them...regularly. This entire process will take 6-7 months.

Updates will be given along the keep checking the blog and make sure you pay attention to announcements at church.