Good Morning fromBelize

The last couple of days have been hot and humid. The team is very busy...not much down time. Today is our last day of construction and VBX. I don't have long to write and I still can't upload any pictures. I do know that you can go to Thirst Mission's Facebook page and see several pictures there. 

Saturday, we finished the foundation for the addition to the church we have been working on. Pastor Benito, the pastor we have been working with, shared with me how impressed he was with out students. He called them "excellenta" workers. I would agree. The VBX went as planned and each day we are seeing more children come. Our students are great with the kids and have been bold in sharing the faith with the children and with adults during worship services. 

Yesterday the boys got up at 3:30 AM and poured the floor to the addition. It was hard work early in the morning, but the job was completed by 7 AM...just in time for breakfast with the ladies. After breakfast, we went to Laminia (2,000 year old Mayan ruins). Eddy, our guide, was great. He shared information about Belize and about the Mayan dynasty that used to control much of Central America. We climbed on ruins, walked through dense jungle, saw monkeys, and fought off mosquitos that must have been on steroids.

After Laminia, we drove back to Orange Walk, the closest major city (although we would not call it a city) for ice was Pastor Tom's treat. He was stunned that he could purchase ice cream for 23 people for only $31. We all left full and smiling. Yesterday afternoon was the only day we have had any free time. The students played songs and card games and tossed a football. The adults all took a nap (expect Cheryl and Mari-Ellen...they appeared to be tireless...oh yeah...they did not get up at 3:30 to pour concrete). We closed the day with a time of worship at our host church. The service was special. It was led by Pastor Tom and several of our students. They sang songs and shared was moving and Spirit filled.

Today is our last day of construction (laying block walls) and VBX. Tomorrow we will travel to Caye Caulker for a day of snorkeling and relaxing on one of the prettiest beaches in the world. The students are all very excited.

Please continue to keep the team in your prayers. We have stories to share and look forward to returning home.