God's Faithfulness Explained

I don't know if you could see it yesterday, but Pastor Jason's face had a huge sigh of relief. Why? Because the remodeling of the stage and the installation of the new sound system is complete. It was a $22k project that began about 10 months ago. Let me explain how all of this happened. 

In June of 2015 Grace collected a special offering to remodel the youth room and improve our kitchen. Our goal was $20k. We collected around $22k. Pastor Tom had a budget of $10k to upgrade the youth room and that left the rest to modify the kitchen. Pastor Tom stayed on budget...and that is the only part of our plan that was actually fulfilled. God took it from there and showed off some of His faithfulness. 

A relatively new church member (I shared his name yesterday, but I'm not going to put it on the web), whose career is in industrial cabinets, approached the elders and said he would donate all materials and labor for the kitchen. By the time the dust had cleared, the project cost less than $500.

During this time, Pastor Jason had communicated to the elders the church's sound system needed to be replaced. The elders requested 3 quotes from him. After hours of research and phone calls, he brought in his quotes. It was agreed the project was going to require about $30k. At that time, we did not have those resources. 

Pastor Jason's research and plan revealed that Grace had some equipment we either no longer needed or could no longer use. The idea was tossed that we try to sale the equipment. Thanks to the services of Ebay, we collected around $12k. By this time the elders realized money collected for the remodel of the youth room and kitchen was still available, but that money along with the money made from selling the equipment was still not enough for the sound/stage project.

We kept praying and waiting...leaving it in God's hands. By now, Pastor Jason had met a church member whose career is in sound systems (again...not putting his name on the web). This church member, along with his partner (not a church member), decided to donate some of the needed equipment and provide the installation of everything needed at no cost. God provided an electrician (again...a church member), a carpenter (yes...a church member), and several other skilled individuals (church members...a total of 7 people) who all shared their skills at no cost to the church. The project cost went from $30k to $19k...God had provided that amount. The only thing left was the carpeting of the stage. We had to outsource this part of the job...but again, God had already provided what we needed. The 7 men that carried the bulk of the labor...they did it because they love the Lord and they love you. We are grateful! Isn't it cool when God shows us His faithfulness?

Our projects are not done. During this 10 month span some new needs have been revealed. First, the flat roof on our building is wore out and needs to be replaced. Second, we need to make some modifications to the children's wing to ensure child safety. And last, we need a LED church sign so we can speak to our community. All of these together cost about $115,000. I know...it is a large number. But guess what? We serve a large God.