God Speaking and Changing Hearts

Monday I received an email from someone who had attended one of Sunday's worship services at Grace. I was greatly encouraged by their email. I asked if I could share it on my blog...keeping the writer anonymous. The person agreed...so be encouraged by how God moves...sometimes with the person sitting beside us in church.

The Betrayal sermon today was excellent. I have not attended GBC in over 4 years. I usually attend Maranatha but have been delinquent in that lately too. I think the Holy Spirit proded me to attend today and I was filled with many revelations about personal betrayals, one of which was GBC. But its a long complicated story that involves many people and situations in my life. Let me say that after today, for the first time in many years, that I finally dont look at the true betrayals as resentments but a Blessing from God who KNEW what his intentions were for me and my husband. When I asked for help from the church, I was ignored. When we asked for support from friends, we were shunned. When we relied on ourselves to survive, we failed. I truly know, or at least believe that God intended for us to be isolated from earthly support, so that we could get on our knees to ask Him for the help that only He could provide. And it happened more than just once. I will someday soon expound on my experience of Gods Grace and Mercy. I am now so grateful to have heard Gods word today. It has given me immense peace because I could not resolve my resentments. Which are sin. But now I see God in all that happened, isnt that just amazing ? Just shows us that God has his divine hand in all even though we dont see it, feel it, or know it...

To God be the Glory!