Generosity Revolution

I have some questions for you:

  • What is the most popular verse in the Bible?
  • What is the most memorized verse in the Bible?
  • What verse do you see on signs the most at sporting events? 

You have probably guessed it by now: John 3:16. It is one of the hallmark verses God has given us to explain his plan of forgiveness and salvation. We are so familiar with the verse (come on...go ahead and quote it) that we fail to see a major revelation about the character of God. It is found in the first 8 words: "For God so loved the world that he gave..." In those 8 words everyone focuses on the love of God, but how did he express his love? He gave. It does not say "For God so loved the world that he sent help...or explained a better way...or built an organization. No, he showed his love by giving his son. Someone once said, "We can give without having love, but we cannot love without giving."

I would like to see a revolution take place among God's people. Not a political revolution nor a social revolution. Not a revolution that draws attention to itself, but a revolution that is so radical and under the radar only God could get the credit. I'm talking about a Generosity Revolution that stems from a radical love for God. The kind of love He had for us. A love so strong that we can only express it through finding ways to give. 

Maybe I'm a dreamer. Maybe I'm to idealistic. But, I believe a Generosity Revolution in the most affluent nation in history might be the last chance the Church in America has to show fruit worthy of repentance. The one thing that is threatening the witness of the Church in America more than anything else is the lack of generosity among the majority of people who fill church buildings each week. (Wow...did I just write that for everyone to read?) Since I have shared a grand idea with you, let me now share a realistic one: Let's start the revolution by being generous first...before everyone else. Not for the sake of being first or for setting some new trend. No, let's be first because we simply love God and are now striving to be like Him. If He is generous, and He has called us to be like Him, then I guess we should start being generous too.

I realize this is a topic that creates many issues. It raises eyebrows, stirs up our trust issues, reveals our lack of faith and exposes our fear and greed. Maybe that is why Jesus spoke more about money than he did heaven and hell combined. He knew our struggles with assets would be the greatest spiritual challenge most of us would face.

Starting Sunday, we will begin to look at God's Word to find the courage to be a part of the Generosity Revolution. We will be stretched, challenged and find the rewards of being a generous person. I invite you to come and bring a friend. No...I dare you to come and start the Generosity Revolution.