Excuse our Growth

Our youth ministry is growing! It's exciting. Each week 50-60 students attend The Well and Electric. This is a blessing, but with this exciting news comes a good problem: Grace is lacking educational space. In fact every age group, from babies to adults, is being impacted by a lack of space dedicated to age specific ministry at Grace. What a great problem!

The elders, aware of this issue, have discerned through prayer, discussion, and general research the best way to start fixing the problem is to remodel rooms 4-5 (located between the south main entrance and the gym across from the kitchen) so they can be used for youth ministry. The remodeling of these rooms includes new flooring, refinished walls, raising the ceiling, new lighting, a sound system, TV's, a student ministry welcome booth, and seating. The cost of this project is $10,000. All the labor is being done by skilled volunteers from Grace. The cost is for materials and furnishings needed to complete the project.

I know $10,000 is a significant amount of money, but we must remember lives are being changed. Just last week, Pastor Tom shared with me he had the opportunity to lead a student to Christ. Here is an important question: What would it cost us to not invest in the youth ministry? How many students would not be challenged to follow Christ? We have a great opportunity before us...to encourage students to follow Jesus. Ten thousand dollars sounds like a deal considering the cost of all the other options the world provides to distract students from living for Christ. 

God is not just using the youth ministry at Grace to impact people. He is also using our kitchen. I know that sounds odd, but each week God uses people who serve in the kitchen to honor His name. Our kitchen is one of the most used rooms at our facility. It is used to serve meals to grieving families when a loved one has passed, to serve the community when food is part of the outreach, and to prepare food for church functions (Grace Café, church dinners, VBX, etc.). Needless to say, it is used frequently. Due to wear and tear, the industrial dishwasher no longer operates and our kitchen leaders and volunteers have informed the elders that a better use of space could be possible if some of the cabinets/counters were redesigned. The dishwasher will be removed and space remodeled in that section of the kitchen. The cost of this project is $8,000.

The elders have prioritized these two projects and decided the youth room will be remodeled first and the kitchen second. The youth room project will begin in June and the kitchen will begin as soon as enough funds are available.

Would you please prayerfully consider making a generous donation so that our youth ministry and kitchen ministry will not be hindered in their efforts to serve others? When giving to these projects, please consider making a financial gift that exceeds any regular contributions. Giving to meet the cost of these projects can be done three simple ways:

1. Go online to www.grace-biblechurch.org and click on Online Giving. Follow the on screen instructions. Make sure to click “Remodel Fund” under the Select One drop box.

2. Write a check to Grace Bible Church and write on the check the gift is for the Remodel Fund.

3. Use any contribution envelope found in the pews or church office and write on the envelope the gift is for the Remodel Fund.