Elective Schedule for Spring 2015

I am excited about the Electives (small Bible study groups) being offered during the Spring Semester. Some of the Elective topics appeal to seasoned believers and some are designed for new believers and/or someone just beginning to discover who God is. No matter which topic you choose, you will be thrust into God's Word and encouraged to follow Jesus more closely. 

Below you will find the Spring schedule. Please start praying now about the Spring Electives and your involvement. You will have an opportunity to sign up starting on March 22. Over the next few days I will be describing each elective...so please check back in to discover the Bible group that might be just right for you. 

Elective Leader Elective Topic Time Room No. Leader's Email
Joan Shaffer The Magnificent Obsession 9 AM Room 1 jshaffer52@aol.com
Dave Graves Foundations 9 AM Room 3 dave.graves@sbcglobal.net
Jeff Shirkman Doing Good (College/Young Adult) 9 AM Choir Room mycave2@gmail.com
Sam Catalona Explore: Esther, Ezra, Nehemiah 9 AM Room 2 rodcat@ymail.com
Phil Bevington Jesus' Final Week 10:45 AM Room 3 phil-leigh@att.net
Andre Clark Resolving Everyday Conflict 10:45 AM Choir Room adreclark@clearchannel.com
Dan Lebo I AM 10:45 AM Room 1 dbhdlebo@att.net
Cary Duckett The Measure of a Man 3:30 PM Choir Room cary@grace-biblechurch.org

The Spring Semester begins on Sunday, April 12 and ends on Sunday, May 31. All elective classes are on Sundays.