Day 8 - Adoption - The Advocate

Today has been another good day in Bogota. This morning we walked to a cafe for breakfast, did some laundry (no dryers here...laundry is an all day process), then walked to a park. Around 11 AM, our driver, Jorge, picked us up and took us to a restaurant named Andreas de Carnes. I have never seen a restaurant like this one. It is a cross between T.G.I.F. and an interactive Hobby Lobby. You can do crafts, have your face painted, or build something while they prepare your food. It was really neat and the food was great. Afterwards, we returned to our apartment and spent the afternoon playing UNO and working on learning English words.

As I told you in another post, international adoption requires many people doing things behind the scenes. Without these folks, the process would never be completed. These people advocate for children they don't know (except through reports) to bring them to families they will never personally least that is how it works most of the time. Our adoption here in Colombia has been unique. 

On our Gotcha Day there was a lady who met us and did a brief interview with us. At the time, we were simply told her name was Christina. We had heard of Christina and we knew we were going to meet her. We assumed she was another social worker, but we also knew she had authority that other social workers did not possess. Later, we discovered that Christina oversees the entire adoption process for Colombia (she is the equivalent of an executive director of child protection services except at a national level). She has made many changes concerning adoptions in Colombia. Along the way she has also made many enemies. In fact, she travels with body guards. Many threats have been against her life because she advocates for children and she does it with integrity. She absolutely abhors corruption and backroom deals. She is a brave woman making a difference in a system that has a corrupt reputation. She is simply known as The Children's Advocate.

I'm not exactly sure how she met Kevin and Juan David, but we have been told by others (and by her personally) that she considers herself to be their god-mother. She wanted to meet us personally because she cares for these boys. 

When you pray for us, please pray for Christina. Literally, she is in harms way as she advocates for the orphans of Colombia.