Confict...A Problem or an Opportunity?

No one is exempt from conflict. We face it almost everyday (sometimes more than once a day). Where does all this conflict come from? Why do some conflicts never seem to end? Does it serve a purpose? This coming Sunday (Feb. 28) a new sermon series titled "Conflict...A Problem or an Opportunity?" will begin. The sermon series is NOT about conflict resolution. No...this series is about seeing conflict from a new angle and EMBRACING it. 

Over the next four Sundays we will look at four major conflicts that took place right after the church was birthed in Jerusalem. These conflicts led to the shedding of blood, the loss of property, and the misplacement of families. Demons were exposed, politicians were challenged, and men with power were brought to their knees. However, these same conflicts opened doors for the Gospel to leave Jerusalem, closed down Satan's deception in a community, allowed a powerful politician to be saved, and paved the way for the calling of the most important man (other than Jesus) in the New Testament. The conflicts were bad, but maybe they were also good.

What if God is using conflict in our lives the same way? The tension at your work place may have a bigger purpose than just deadlines and/or the bottom line. The person you just can't seem to get along with...well maybe God is using that disagreement to encourage you to do something you would not choose to do on your own. It could be that God is using your conflict to introduce you to people you would otherwise have no opportunity to meet. Which means He is opening a door for you to represent Him. Maybe...the conflict is there because Jesus is personally trying to get your attention. Apparently, God uses conflicts to open doors for His redemptive plan.

In this series, which comes out of the Book of Acts, we will look at four different perceptions of conflict:

Feb. 28 - Divine Conflict

March 6 - Demonic Conflict

March 13 - Conflict Opens Doors

March 20 - Internal Conflict

Don't miss it...and better yet, invite a friend!