Adoption - Follow Up

We have been home with Kevin and Juan David for 4 days. Things are going good! Of course, everything is still new to everyone. But, Kevin and Juan David seem to be comfortable. We are sheltering them. Cherry has a leave of absence from she is giving them a lot of attention which is exactly what they need.

Kevin has started asking about school. We are checking into things. We have meetings next week with principles, counselors, and curriculum directors. They will probably start to school after the Christmas break. For sure, that will be a new adventure. Please be in prayer for the boys.

They are working on learning English. Kevin has been spending a couple of hours each day using Rosetta Stone and Juan David is learning through Cherry. She points at things and says, "What is this?" It is primitive but it is working.

They are eating well and sleeping well. Caleb and Seth have been great with them! They all enjoy each other...but no one has gotten on each other's nerves yet. It will be at that point they will start treating each other like brothers. 

It snowed last night...just a dusting. But, they woke and got excited seeing it in on the ground. It was their first time to see snow in person. I assured them there would be more (maybe they will always be that pleased with snow, but something tells me that will change). 

I want to thank you all again for lifting us up in prayer. God has been faithful through all of this...and I know He will be faithful as we move forward. Some people have already had the opportunity to meet Kevin and Juan David at church. We will continue to introduce them slowly to our wonderful church family. Please be patient...we do not want to overwhelm them.