Adoption - Day 7 - The 33

Today we went to a small town called Carijas. Just outside of that town is a closed salt mine that has been turned into a tourist attraction. The name of the mine is Nemocon. We went there because Jorge recommended and he said he would be our guide. Little did we know that the movie "The 33" was filmed in this mine. It was very neat to see (I'll post some pics on Fb and Instagram). So...if you go see the movie "The 33" you will see what we saw today.

Our trip to Nemocon took most of the day. We got back to our apartment around 4:30. For those of you that might be wondering...I was able to watch the Alabama game here in Colombia (I know some of you were concerned about that...ha!). Technology is a wonderful thing. I watched it on my phone via the internet.

The next several days we will be more tourists than anything else. Right now this whole thing has turned into a waiting game. When the US Emabassy gives us our Article 5, we will have another rush of appointments. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

The boys seem to be doing very well. Each day they are learning a few more English words, but we have a long way to go. Even though the boys were in an orphanage, they have made several close friends here in Bogota. One family in particular is a couple named Christian and Vivianna. We are going to spend some of our time meeting their friends and giving them an opportunity to say good-bye.

Thank you for praying. We will see you soon. I'll keep posting and sharing our journey with you.