Adoption - Day 61 - English

Kevin and Juan David have started going to school. Kevin goes to the middle school (7th grade) and Juan David is going to the elementary school (3rd grade). They are both excited. For the rest of this year, Seth and Kevin will be attending the same school...we are pleased with this. Seth came home yesterday and told us Kevin is a rock star right now. He explained how at gym everyone was giving the basketball to Kevin to shoot. If he missed...everyone would "aaaaaawwwww" and someone would give him another ball. If he made the shot everyone would cheer. I asked Seth, "What happens when you miss a shot?" He said, "Well, no one gives me another ball to shoot. I have to go fight for my own ball to get another shot" (I sensed a little jealousy). To make matters more interesting, Seth said Kevin is a hot commodity among the girls...apparently they all want to be his friend (again, I sensed little jealousy). 

Everyone wants to know how Kevin and Juan David are doing with learning English. Well...we have mixed reviews. Juan David is like a sponge. He is almost speaking nothing but English. Obviously, it is simple sentences and many times broken English. He is always asking one of us "What does [word] mean?" So...he knows and uses words he really doesn't understand which can provide some pretty hilarious moments. One thing he does to learn words is to watch movies with the English subtitles. The other day he watched Karate Kid. All day he was walking around saying, "Sand the floor" (with his best Mr. Miyagi accent). We all rolled in laughter when he pointed to Seth and said, "Sand the floor!" after we had asked Caleb to take out the garbage. 

Kevin is learning English, but he is much more reluctant to speak it. In fact, when we ask him questions he gives us complete answers in Spanish. Therefore, we know he understands the English question. Being a teenager, he is very self-conscious. He is reluctant to speak English words if he does not feel confident. We are trying to encourage him, but I think this is going to take a while (especially when we compare his progress to Juan David's). We do think school will help with this...especially if he wants to actually talk to all those girls.