Adoption - Day 6 - Medical Appointments

Today was an exhausting was good...but it was long. We had two appointments today: one with the orphanage psychologist and one with the US embassy medical doctor. Both were vitally important to the completion of the adoption and our return home.

The psychologist's appointment was at 10 AM at La Casa (the orphanage). We are approximately 20 minutes from La Casa. We left at 8:45...we arrived at 10:15. The traffic here is like nothing I have ever seen. Our driver, a Colombian named Jorge (pronounce "Hor-hay"), took the opportunity to explain to me the political struggles of Bogota and Colombia. He speaks good English so the conversation was interesting and informative. 

The psychologist's appointment lasted about 30 minutes. She confirmed that the boys are lovely and that Cherry and I are not crazy. She thinks the transition/bonding is moving along at a healthy pace. We agree. The boys seem to be comfortable around us, and we truly enjoy embracing them. 

We left there and headed downtown to make our medical appointment at 2:45. We arrived around 11:30...traffic had eased up a bit. We had almost 3 hours to walk around downtown and eat lunch. Our driver dropped us off explaining when and where we needed to be. Once we understood, our journey in Old Town Bogota began. We were all hungry so we stopped at Cafe to eat. The waiter brought us English menus (a first). Unfortunately, he did not understand English. I pointed to the menu explaining what I wanted (red beans and rice with sausage). He said, "Excelente" and then brought me the best steak I have ever had. Eating here is an adventure, but the food has been great. 

After lunch we walked around looking at the various venders (think flea market). It was interesting and everyone recognizes Americans. Needless to say many "deals" were offered. Cherry eyed a few things. I'm sure we will go back there and see if the "deals" still exist. 

We then returned to the medical office for our appointment (think county health department). Imagine being 13 or 9 years old and only being to the doctor once in your life. Then imagine being told that you will need 6 vaccinations. Needless to say, the boys were very nervous. Everyone in the waiting room knew this American couple was adopting these African-Colombian boys. Everyone knew they were struggling with taking the vaccinations. Everyone in the waiting began to encourage the boys. They were saying things like..."You get to go to America"..."In America you will find a pretty girl"..."In America your life will be great." It was all very sweet. After two hours of coaxing the boys finally took their shots. When we left the facility, everyone there (nurses and all in the waiting room) applauded the boys. It was great, but those two hours of coaxing and trying to explain to the boys why this needed to happen was stressful. They cried, they said no over and over again. They looked at us with eyes that said, "If you love us why would you make us do this." It was heartbreaking. I know we all have an understanding of vaccinations and the minor discomfort that comes from receiving them, but to them it was a crisis. Therefore, it made it a crisis for us. Besides, if they didn't do it. They could not come back to the States with us. 

They call these 20 days (I use that time frame loosely) in Colombia a bonding period. To bond with someone we need both happy times and times of crisis. We have had happy times with the boys and today we had a time of crisis. I think it is working because when we got back to our apartment Juan David and Cherry went to our room to watch TV. Kevin and I sat on the couch and watched a movie on my computer. Both boys went to sleep leaning on us. 

BTW...I can't get picture to download on this blog, but I have started posting them on Instagram and Facebook. If you would like to see some pics, just visit my Instagram or Facebook pages.

A Prayer Request: We need one document from the US Embassy here in Colombia to finalize our return home. It is called an Article 5. If we receive this document by Wednesday, we will be able to return home either on Thanksgiving Day or the day after. If we do not receive it by Wednesday, we will not be able to return home until Dec. 4 or 5. Please pray for our Article 5 to be processed by Tuesday, November 17.