Adoption - Day 51 - Beef Jerky

Life with Kevin and Juan David is unfolding. It is an adventure filled with the full range of emotions that come with life. We have moments that make us laugh and fill our hearts with praise for what God has done and is doing. We also have moments laced with frustration causing us to call upon our great God for wisdom, courage, and endurance for the journey. 

Christmas was a happy time at the Duckett household. We all enjoyed being together, sharing our traditions, and watching Kevin and Juan David adjust to having Christmas with a family.There were many smiles!

Kevin and Juan David are experiencing many new things. We have tutor that works with them 3-4 days a week for 90 minutes (mixed reviews on how they feel about is a lot like school to them). They really enjoy going to the indoor pool at the YMCA (the life guards have finally discovered that they do not speak English very well). We saw Star Wars in 3D (Juan David kept trying to touch the images on the screen). And, Cherry introduced them to beef jerky.

I don't know if you are beef jerky fan (if not, you are missing out on one of the joys of life), but Kevin and Juan David had never had it before. She bought them each a pack. I think Juan David ate his so fast he did not even taste it, but Kevin seemed to savor the moment (no pun intended).

Now, if you are not familiar with beef jerky packaging, you would not know that each package has a small white bag in it. The white bag is filled with preservatives that keep moisture from gathering inside the package. On the white package there are words in English and Spanish saying, "DO NOT EAT." There is even a picture showing the stuff is not meant to be eaten. Unfortunately, Kevin failed to see all these warnings. You guessed it...he had opened the package and was sprinkling the preservatives on to his beef jerky like it was salt. Keep in mind...he was all smiles as he did this. It tasted great to him. 

When Cherry saw what was happening, she quickly stopped him. She then called Poison Control. Fortunately, the stuff is least when you ingest it.